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Disadvantages Of Website Builders+Iowa-Web-DesignerWhy You Should Never Use an All-in-One Builder Like Shopify, Squarespace, or Wix

Introduction to “Why to never use an all-in-one builder”:

To put it most simply you should never use an all-in-one builder because they do not have root access. Creating a website has never been easier, thanks to all-in-one website builders like Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix. These platforms offer user-friendly interfaces, pre-designed templates, and drag-and-drop features, making website development accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise. While they have their advantages, there are compelling reasons why you should think twice before relying solely on these builders, especially for certain types of websites. These are great for a “do it yourself” situation because of their simplicity but you also sacrifice the professional abilities that require root access to perform. That is why we say you should NEVER pay someone to “design” you a website on these DIY all-in-ones but they have their use if you are really looking to save the money and do it yourself. So please keep that key factor in mind while we go over these more.

Understanding All-in-One Website Builders:

All-in-one website builders are platforms that provide everything needed to create and manage a website in one place such as your hosting plan, site template files and usually a domain name and their wild card security. They offer limited templates and customization options and the main issue at hand they do not offer root access which is required to perform professional level optimizations.

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Advantages of Using All-in-One Website Builders:

These builders are incredibly easy to use, even for beginners, as they eliminate the need for coding and technical skills. The pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop features allow users to quickly set up a website without much effort. Additionally, these platforms are cost-effective, making them an attractive choice for individuals or small businesses with limited budgets who are actually going to “D.I.Y.”, it is never meant to be used when you are paying someone to “design” a website for you. Like we covered before they sacrifice their professional level optimizations because they don’t have root access, yes there is a theme here so they are not a viable option if you are paying someone to design your website due to their trade off of ease for limitations.

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Limitations of All-in-One Website Builders:

Despite their convenience for a do it yourself situation, all-in-one website builders come with limitations other then their lack of root access also. One significant drawback is the lack of customization options and limited flexibility. While the templates may look visually appealing, they can be restrictive when it comes to tailoring the website to meet specific needs.

Another critical concern is the risk of vendor lock-in. When you build your website on a proprietary platform, migrating it to a different system later can be challenging, which may lead to being tied to the same provider indefinitely. If you were to ant to move to a different provider from these all-in-one platforms you could only exper your products via CSV not the actual page or design aspect of your site, that doesn’t belong to you just your data you have put into their designs and templates.

Not Suitable for Complex E-commerce Websites:

While all-in-one builders like Shopify have gained popularity among e-commerce entrepreneurs, they might not be the best fit for complex online stores. Managing a vast product catalog and implementing advanced e-commerce features can be cumbersome and limited on these platforms. Moreover, as the business grows, the website’s performance and user experience may suffer due to the platform’s inherent limitations. You end up paying more in the long run for their monthly fees then if you would have just got your own hosting plan and paid a designer to develop and professional website your ran and owned yourself.


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SEO Challenges and Limitations:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial aspect of any successful website. While all-in-one website builders offer basic SEO features, they often fall short in providing advanced or professional optimization capabilities. Customizing meta tags, URL structures, and other essential elements may not be fully achievable on these platforms, which can hinder organic search rankings. Any optimization that requires root access can not be performed on these all-in-one platforms like Shopify, Squarespace, Wix or the others.

Mobile Responsiveness and Performance:

In today’s mobile-first era, having a mobile-responsive website is essential. However, achieving optimal mobile responsiveness on all-in-one builders can be challenging. The pre-designed templates may not adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes, affecting the user experience on mobile devices. Additionally, as the website grows in content and complexity, it might suffer from performance issues on mobile.

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Security Concerns:

All-in-one website builders usually provide wildcard security measures to protect users’ data. However, since multiple websites share the same hosting infrastructure, there is a higher risk of security breaches and vulnerabilities. A successful attack on one website could potentially affect others on the same platform.

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E-commerce Transaction Fees:

For e-commerce businesses, transaction fees can significantly impact profitability. While all-in-one builders like Shopify offer easy setup for online stores, they often charge additional transaction fees on top of payment gateway charges. Over time, these fees can add up and eat into the business’s revenue. Most if not all third-party payment systems have a cost involved but there are options to take checks and other payment forms that are free to the business owners to avoid those payment processing fees.

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Scaling Limitations:

As a business grows, its website requirements evolve. All-in-one website builders might not scale efficiently to accommodate increasing traffic and content demands. Switching to a more robust platform later can be complicated and time-consuming, leading to potential disruptions and temporary setbacks.


Professional Analytics

They also don’t allow for professional analytics and reporting which is another huge drawback.


You can get the plans that might hide their branding on the front-end but you can never totally hide the platform a site is built on. And having another companies branding on your website conveys a sense of unprofessionalism that is ok if you are going to be doing it yourself to save money but if you are trying to portray even remotely professional then it is totally unacceptable to have branding on your site that promotes you are using an “all-in-one” builder for DIY beginners. Its almost as bad as not having domain specific email you can use for your business also. It shows that even you don’t believe enough in your business to invest in it yet. If you disagree leave a comment.

Alternative Approaches:

To overcome the limitations of all-in-one website builders, consider alternative approaches. Self-hosted platforms like WordPress offer greater customization and flexibility. Custom website development provides complete control over every aspect of the site, allowing for tailored solutions that you fully own and can control or hire a designer. We have a great blog you should check out on how to go about setting up a website you fully own here. 

For a few dollars a month you could have a hosting plan where your domain you fully own is held and the website you fully own is stored. Message me know to find out about a plan that would fit your needs.

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Case Studies:

Several businesses have faced challenges using all-in-one website builders and found success by adopting alternative solutions. For instance, a growing e-commerce store migrated to a self-hosted platform, which significantly improved its SEO, resulting in higher organic traffic and sales.

Untitled design 70+Iowa-Web-DesignerConclusion:

While all-in-one website builders like Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix offer convenience and simplicity to do it yourself, they come with inherent limitations that may hinder your website’s growth and success since it doesn’t offer root access so you should NEVER pay someone who “design” your site on these platforms. When building an online presence, it’s crucial to consider your business’s specific needs and long-term goals. Exploring solutions you fully own that have root access and combining different tools yourself or with the help of a designer can lead to a more powerful and customized website that thrives in the competitive digital landscape.

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  1. Q: Are all-in-one website builders a good long-term option for a designer to charge clients to build their sites on? A: No, all-in-one builders can be an option for someone to DIY a website in a hurry with limited budgets and basic website needs. However, they are never a good option if you are paying someone to “design” your site for you because you sacrifice root access.
  2. Q: Can I migrate my website from an all-in-one builder to a self-hosted platform later? A: Yes, it is possible to migrate your website, but the process can be complex and time-consuming, especially if your website has a large amount of content and customizations. And most of what you think of as your website is actually just part of their templates which you can not export and move. You can export your product data to a CSV spreadsheet and your media, that is about it.
  3. Q: Do all-in-one builders provide good SEO features? A: All-in-one builders offer basic SEO features, but they are not sufficient for advanced or professional SEO strategies. Customizing certain elements may be limited on these platforms.
  4. Q: How can I enhance my website’s security on an all-in-one builder? A: While all-in-one builders handle security to some extent, you can take additional measures such as using strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and regularly updating your website’s plugins and themes.
  5. Q: Is WordPress a good alternative to all-in-one website builders? A: Yes, WordPress provides greater flexibility and customization options, making it an excellent alternative for those who want full control over their websites that they fully on and have root access to.
  6. Q: Should you use Shopify? A: No, unless you are going to Do It Yourself due to budget limitations.
  7. Q: Should you use Squarespace? A: No, unless you are going to Do It Yourself due to budget limitations.
  8. Q: Should you use Wix? A: No, unless you are going to Do It Yourself due to budget limitations.

If you are interested in a DIY website that you fully own on please check out our blog here.

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