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Des Moines, Iowa Website Designer with locations in Iowa and Florida.

Rhonda Cosgriff is a web designer in the Des Moines Metro who grew up in Johnston with a passion for small business and entrepreneurship. Rhonda grew up in the digital revolution so the internet has grown as she has. When she was young, the internet was in web 1.0 version. She has been designing websites since she was in high school, and she has been working on them professionally since 2010, when web 2.0 really started taking off. Rhonda is dedicated to creating beautiful, functional websites that help small businesses grow and transition into the future, which is web 3.0 or web3 as it’s referred to.

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Rhonda grew up in an entrepreneurial family, where she received a lifelong education in business and entrepreneurship.

Her parents and grandparents were home builders and developers, with her Grandfather even serving as the president of The Des Moines Home Builders Association. And at a young age, she was working in her parents office, checking on jobsites and helping with model homes, which included interior design on the model homes and setting up for home shows and open houses with her mother. Her talent for all things technology has always been paired with her passion for entrepreneurship: she always sees a way to do it herself, and if it doesn’t work out, she will always come up with another solution to try. She is hardwired that way, to focus on the next possible solution.

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Rhonda believes that technology should be accessible and easy-to-use for everyone.

She specializes in making sure her clients have everything they need to succeed online. Whether you’re looking for an ecommerce site or just want an informational site, Rhonda will help you make it happen!

Rhonda is passionate about B2B and helping small businesses succeed by giving them the tools they need to flourish online. She wants to merge the concept of full ownership and control of your own website with the ease of having the design already done—and she knows that this kind of service is exactly what’s needed right now in this industry.

Instead of the all-in-one website building nightmares like squarespace, wix, and others you can actually fully own your website and all the professional abilities that come with full root access which those all-in-ones will never provide.

You can decide the level you want to to be involved with the design and at what point you want to take it over, since it’s done on a easy to use backend platform you will be able to easily create and publish content, edit your pages, do real ongoing SEO edits and so much more.

We’ve helped many companies like yours grow their businesses with our strategic approach to branding and marketing strategy, as well as our ability to implement those strategies through effective design solutions and we would love to help you also!

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Rhonda has been working professionally for over a decade in the web design field to build a reputation in the B2B industry.

We’ve seen it all in this industry, from the rise of social media to the evolution of mobile technology.

We understand how to create responsive dynamic web 2. 0 and web 3.0 websites that work across multiple platforms and devices, so that no matter where your customers are or how they’re accessing information about your brand, they’ll always have access to what they need—no matter how they want it delivered.

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I am so grateful for you Rhonda! You were such a pleasure to work with on redesigning my businesses logo and so quick and professional! I look forward to having more work done by you in the future.

I am incredibly blown away with how awesome it(our website) turned out. Rhonda is so official, she also did our new LOGO, so please check out the site and hit up Rhonda for your web design and business branding needs!

Donovan CarboneyOwner of Twelve One Videography

Great work! This company has helped out promptly when I have been in a bind. Very creative and just a great company all the way around. Highly recommended.

Ryan SmithsonOwner of Pints and PBR Country

Rhonda Cosgriff Designs came highly recommended to me by many of my professional associates and friends who are her clients. I hired her to do my graphic design for the logo for Scotty's Pub and Grub. She lived up to all her rave reviews and recommendations. She even answered me after hours! Her turn around time is unheard of in this industry and her level of commitment to her service is extremely high. I was so impressed that I hired her to do the website also. You can go see it for yourself At scottys pub and grub. She works remotely so she doesn't have to charge extra for face to face meetings and it also saved me from having to put requests in writing since we worked over email, text and facebook where she responded almost instantly each time. She never has to come back with questions about what we discussed in our meetings because she had it right there in writing to start with. She was so prompt and the process was actually a breeze since she didn't need me do a bunch of extra stuff for each change I wanted. You would think she would have to charge much higher prices for the level of service she provides but her prices are very competitive and her product quality is very high end. Take it from her actual clients, people who have actually worked with her, she is great!

Scott ThomasOwner of Scotty's Pub and Grub

I'm not even sure where to start. I guess let me begin by saying that Rhonda has been one of my best friends for over a decade. I have watched her design and photography talent grow exponentially over the years and when it came time for my business to need a website, of course I went straight to Rhonda.

I am NOT an easy person to work with. In fact, I'm pretty sure I might be her worst client ever because that is my Virgo nature... but she has managed to deal with me and create a beautiful, functional, and unique website for me. She has incorporated aspects into it that I never even thought of, that are going to increase my profits majorly. She designed my logo as well, and has basically held my hand through all of it. I have ZERO web design knowledge, I can barely even use photoshop, but she has explained everything to me, made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process, and the end result is that I have an incredible website that I can be proud of. It represents me and what I love, and I couldn't be happier.

After seeing what Rhonda has done with my site, my husband is also going to be using her to design his. I recommend Rhonda Cosgriff Designs 100% <3

Alyshea ShawOwner of YOGAlyshea and Spirit Tribe Studio

Rhonda did a great job on my website. I’m incredibly busy and she made sure to work with my schedule to get it done. A++++ customer service and quality!

Nicholas LombardiOwner of Nicholas Lombardi Law

Well I had them design a website that for a Ballroom Studio and they did an exquisite job in less time quoted than any other website quoted me. This Designer is creative, makes quick decisions, and produces beautiful work that is detailed and to the point. I would recommend them to anyone looking to build a beautiful website for your business. They even hosts my site! Love This design company.

Rachel BuschBallroom dancer

My company just wanted to say that we were very impressed with the quality of the website. I love the finished product you provided us. I highly recommend you as a top website designer.

Kelly BassOwner of Furry Family PS

Rhonda has helped us with many, many projects and does a fantastic job, on time and has great attention to detail. She's very creative and helped our vision become a reality.

JD NelsonImperial Inspection

I had a great experience with Rhonda! I hired Rhonda Cosgriff Designs to create a branded website for my beauty business. She was very open to all my ideas and made my vision come to life. She went above and beyond and over delivered my expectations. She was always there to answer any questions I had and offered her suggestions and ideas. Rhonda made work flow really easy and offered valuable solutions. Not to mention she was very professional throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Rhonda to everyone!!

Meagan CarboneyFounder and Chief Brand Officer