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logoLogo Design Questionnaire

🤔 💭, 🎨, 📝, 📈, 🐾, 🌈, 🎉, 💼, 💪
Here is an in-depth blog on how to answer each of these questions and more in this Logo Design Questionnaire.

Designing a logo is not just about creating a pretty image. It’s about understanding the brand and target audience and creating a design that resonates with them. That’s where a logo design questionnaire comes in handy. It is a crucial step that must be taken after signing the logo design contract and well before starting the logo creation process.

The logo questionnaire is the backbone of the design process and outcome. By asking these golden questions, the project will not only be successful but enjoyable.

So, the next time you’re embarking on a logo design project, make sure you take a logo questionnaire. This will help you  and the designer create a visual representation that not only resonates with the brand values but also their target audience.


  1. Why is a logo design questionnaire important?
    Answer: A logo design questionnaire is important because it helps you understand your client’s needs and expectations, and it provides you with a clear direction for creating a logo that represents their brand.
  2. When should you send a logo design questionnaire?
    Answer: You should send a logo design questionnaire right after signing the logo design contract, and before starting the logo creation process.
  3. Why is it important to ask the client about their competitors?
    Answer: Asking about competitors helps you understand how the client’s brand stands out in the market, and it can give you inspiration for creating a unique logo.
  4. Why is it important to know the target audience?
    Answer: Knowing the target audience helps you design a logo that appeals to their preferences and effectively communicates the brand’s message.
  5. Why is it important to consider colors and fonts?
    Answer: Colors and fonts have a psychological impact on people, and they can influence how the brand is perceived. Choosing the right colors and fonts is crucial for creating an effective logo.

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Logo Design Portfolio

Graphic Design Portfolio

    Is it a local service provider or nation wide?

    Masculine or feminine?

    Monochromatic or colorful?

    Simple or intricate?

    Authoritative or approachable?

    Conservative or extravagant?

    Fun or serious?

    Necessity or luxury?

    Modern or Classic?

    Professional or Casual?

    Sporty or Elegant?

    What type of logo do you want?

    Will you need the embroidery version?

    Do you have a website?