Graphic Design for The Seafood Trap in Des Moines Iowa

Logo Design Case Study: Illustrating “The Seafood Trap”

Project Overview- Logo design for The Seafood Trap in Des Moines, Iowa

Project Details

In this case study, I share my experience as a graphic designer tasked with creating an illustrative representation of the logo for “The Seafood Trap” in Des Moines, Iowa. The project focused on developing a visually captivating illustration that complemented the brand identity and resonated with the restaurant’s theme.

The Seafood Trap Logo Design

“The Seafood Trap” is a new and vibrant seafood restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa, offering a diverse menu of fresh catches in a welcoming environment.


Project Duration

The illustration project took three weeks, involving ideation, digital rendering, and client collaboration to bring the logo to life.

The Problem

While The Seafood Trap had a logo that was a hand sketch done by one of our friends, the client desired an illustrative version to use in marketing materials, social media, their physical location, and promotional items. The challenge was to create an engaging illustration that conveyed the restaurant’s identity effectively.

The Goal

The primary goal was to produce an eye-catching and versatile illustration of the sketched logo that could be used across various mediums, enhancing the brand’s visual appeal and recognition.

My Role

As a graphic designer, my role was to conceptualize and create a visually striking illustration that captured the essence of The Seafood Trap, aligning with the existing brand elements.


My responsibilities included digital rendering, refining concepts, incorporating client feedback, and delivering a finalized, high-quality illustration suitable for diverse applications.

Graphic Design

The Design Process

Digital Rendering

The chosen concept involved a dynamic illustration of a seafood net trap encompassing stylized seafood characters, conveying the restaurant’s connection to the sea. Digital tools were employed to refine details, enhance colors, and ensure scalability.

The Final Illustration

The completed illustration featured a seafood net trap encompassing stylized seafood characters. The color palette aligned with the brand colors, ensuring consistency with the sketch of the logo. You can see the it in Des Moines, Iowa.

The Seafood Trap logo design Des Moines, Iowa

The Impact and Lessons Learned

Versatility in Marketing

The new illustrative logo provided The Seafood Trap with a versatile marketing asset. It could be seamlessly incorporated into social media posts, promotional materials, and signage, enhancing the restaurant’s visual presence.

Client Collaboration

Regular communication with the client ensured that the illustration captured their vision. The collaborative process allowed for adjustments and refinements, leading to a final product that met and exceeded expectations.

Lessons Learned

The project highlighted the importance of working with a hand sketch on paper of someone elses work that I then need to interpret and deliver a finalized vector illustration that the client is very happy with. It emphasized the need for flexibility in design to meet various preexisting design assets.

Future Recommendations

  1. Animated Elements: Explore the possibility of incorporating subtle animated elements into the illustration for use in digital marketing.
  2. Merchandising Opportunities: Consider using the illustration on merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs, or promotional items to further extend brand visibility.


In conclusion, the illustration project for “The Seafood Trap” logo in Des Moines, Iowa was successful in creating a captivating visual element that enhanced the restaurant’s marketing efforts. The process showcased the power of graphic design in conveying brand identity and creating engaging visuals for promotional use.

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