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1.A good website is convenient. Being online is not only convenient for your customers; it’s also convenient for you. An online presence ensures that you those seeking your service will find you. It’s also accessible 24/7, every day of the week, no holidays. A great, fully responsive website with well-developed SEO functions helps new clients learn about your company while they’re researching the best potential business for their needs. Websites are a way for customers to become clients. It becomes a means through which customers get to know you and your products, without having to pick up a phone. A proper website will answer most of their questions from the get-go. So, when they pick up the phone, it tends to be because their mind is made up.
2. First impressions matter. Your website may be the first point of contact between you and your customers. So a great website with sleek design and responsive functionality will not only help you with visibility but will also give you credibility to showcase your work. By integrating customer testimonials customers who may never have heard of your brand can read first hand how your products and services have worked so well for others.
3. Having a website will help you bump your sales. A good website will help you increase your sales. More importantly, a great website will lead to a real increase in revenue. Without geographical or business hour restrictions, your website can sell products to your customers around the world, all day long. By marketing you products across social media, you ensure that your products and services are accessible no matter the platform. Capitalize on what would otherwise be a plethora of missed opportunities. A study by Gomez, the web performance division of Compuware, confirmed a bad website will drive customers away, while a great website will actually transform ‘window-shoppers’ into customers and customers into clients.
4. Having a great website may seem like a big investment but its actually amazingly cost-efficient. Yes, having a website may seem costly, but compared to other traditional forms of advertising, a website is really the way to go. There are many cost-efficient options available for your business if you lack the IT personnel to design and maintain it. Having a website will also make it easier and less expensive for you to advertise your business online. It may take time and patience to drive enough traffic to your website in order to boost sales, but it’s virtually inexpensive to do so. With its worldwide reach and endless options, the ‘Web’ allows you to use social media, viral marketing, pay-per-click programs and SEO consideration to get viewers clicking on your brand!
5. Good websites are a timesaver. Once your business is online, it’s “Open” sign stays on 24/7. A website ensures online presence which allows you to interact with your customers digitally without you having to be the one doing the interaction in real time. Furthermore, a well-designed website will answer questions in advance and provide your customers with all they need to know to get on board with you and your products and services. By saving you the time you’d be spending answering the phone calls or sending emails with pricing details or product description, a website is literally saving you time and money so you can focus on growing your business.
There you have it! Don’t waste any more time and get your website running ASAP!
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