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So we just launched your new SEO optimized website and now it’s up to you to create content that will push you up the rankings but this takes time to do organically. It takes atleast four weeks for most search engines to index your site and on average 60 blog posts to gain industry authority at all in Google eyes. And it really is about quality content that will get your audience to engage across all of your platforms to make your views go up and get your audience to engage, the days of being able to trick search engines algorithms into ranking you higher have gone by. In the industry, we sometimes call people claiming to be able to get you ranked #1 in a short amount of time with a trick are the equivalent to snake oil salesmen. In fact lots of sites are getting dinged for having attempts at these outdated tricky tactics no matter if they don’t work due to Google constiently changing its algorithms.

I suggest to my clients that they post atleast three times per week to get the best results and it is important to share the blog link on your social media pages and ask your audience to check it out and please comment on the blog. The blog needs to be atleast 400 words to be considered quality content. The comment engagement is huge for SEO rankings these days and them clicking your link from social media to go to your site boosts your inbound links and your views both. Speaking of inbound links the more you can get the better so if you own multiple sites add your url to the other sites for inbound and outbund link boosting.

Your posts should use the search keywords that your audience would be using when looking for your services. My sites come with a tool that will rate and score your SEO on each new blog posts your create if you want to control each one or they have a general meta description/keyword by default. This tool also comes with search keyword research tools and other SEO teaching tools. I create sitemaps that I submit to the search engines to crawl your SEO optimized website that you are going to be taking over but it’s now up to you to create the quality content and high traffic/engagement. I even suggest asking some clients to specifically get on and share your site url and comment on all your posts, share your blog posts and just engage as much as possible.

If you haven’t done so yet you will want to submit your business listing to Google, not your website just your business listing, phone address etc. They will need to confirm your location by sending you a postcard usually to be a verified listing but even if you don’t want to put your address and be verified you will still want to submit the listing and create the listing profile by adding your logo and more info.

So in review, there are no tricks or gimmicks to raise your SEO rankings, content really is king. Keyword research yields quality content. Quality content yields more traffic/views, more traffic yields more engagement and this all yields higher search rankings.  Rinse and repeat so that your site is never looked upon as dead because that runs the risk of hurting your rankings you worked so hard for.

If you want to cheat the system you have to pay, but luckily Google allows you to pay for top ranking while you are trying to build your organic ranking.


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