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reactionsI recently found out I was “facebooking” wrong!

Like the rest of you, I just scroll past things I didn’t care about but every once in a while I will see a post that I react to, these are usually only ones that I want to show support for and sometimes there are some that make me sad or angry.

Here is where I was going wrong for instance, if I saw a post about child abuse I would give it the sad face, thumbs down or even the angry face but how Facebook see’s that reaction is that the POST is making me angry or sad, not the subject or content the post is talking about. So then it will be a consideration in how they decide which posts I see in the future. So if you really want to support the content of the post, the page or person, then even if the content makes your blood boil please still like the post. Facebook will see it as you support that person or pages efforts to bring light to the subject that you were moved enough to give your reaction to. Only use the negative reactions to things you don’t support, this will affect the person’s or page’s visibility to you in future posts.


Facebook reaction effect of emoji

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  • Cyndi says:

    Wow. I cant believe this. I’ve been commenting with angry faces at my family’s work complaints 😂 They probably just think I dont care anymore.

    • Rhonda Cosgriff Designs says:

      Yes Cyndi no matter how you feel about the content in the post you have to react supportively. Only react negatively when you don’t want to see things like it as much.

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