Web Development Case Study: Dahlquist Construction LLC – West Des Moines, Iowa Contractor

Home Page Dahlquist Construction LLC 4+Iowa-Web-DesignerProject Overview

Dahlquist Construction LLC, based in West Des Moines, Iowa, is a leading contractor firm specializing in commercial and residential construction projects. The primary objective of this UX case study is to enhance the user experience of their existing project management application.

The Product

The project management application is a crucial tool for contractors, enabling efficient project tracking, task management, and communication within the team. It serves as a centralized platform to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

Project Duration

Duration: 1 month

The Problem

Users encounter difficulty in navigating the application and managing tasks effectively. The current user interface lacks intuitive design and fails to address the specific needs of construction project management.

Home Page Dahlquist Construction LLC 5+Iowa-Web-DesignerThe Goal

The goal of this case study is to redesign the application’s user interface, ensuring an intuitive and efficient user experience. By doing so, we aim to optimize task management, enhance communication, and ultimately improve the productivity of construction projects.

My Role

Role: UX Designer, Web Developer, and Designer


As a UX Designer, Web Developer, and Designer my responsibility is to conduct comprehensive user research, analyze findings, design an intuitive user interface, and ensure seamless interactions within the application. Design all of the elements needed and develop any web function.

Understanding of the User

User Research

  • Conducted surveys among existing users to gather feedback and pain points.
  • Analyzed the application’s usage metrics to identify patterns and areas for improvement.
  • Organized interviews with project managers to understand their specific needs and challenges.


Users are primarily project managers and team members involved in construction projects. They require an efficient platform to track progress, manage tasks, and communicate seamlessly with their teams.

Pain Point

The existing application lacks an intuitive design, making it challenging for users to navigate and manage tasks efficiently. The user flow is not optimized for construction project requirements.


  • Sarah, the Project Manager
    • Demands a comprehensive overview of project progress and team activities.
    • Needs clear task assignments and efficient communication channels.
  • John, the Field Worker
    • Requires a mobile-friendly interface for on-site task updates and resource tracking.
    • Values simplicity and ease of use.

Problem Statements and Details

Problem Statement

Users struggle with the complexity of the existing application, hindering efficient task management and project oversight, especially in the dynamic and fast-paced construction environment.

User Journey Map

To be provided in the subsequent phase of the project.

UX Structure

To be provided in the subsequent phase of the project.

The Impact and What I Learned

The impact of this project is anticipated to be significant, enhancing user satisfaction and increasing operational efficiency within Dahlquist Construction LLC. Through this case study, I have learned the importance of tailoring UX solutions to specific industry needs and the invaluable insights that thorough user research provides for designing effective solutions.

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