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Compare your own hosting vs Squarespace, Shopify and Weebly

By February 12, 2018April 4th, 2023Hosting, Website Design

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Compare your own hosting vs squarespace, shopify and weebly

Make sure you also take into consideration that many hours involved in creating the site and editing just the right images to convey your design. And that is if you already know the platform. If you also have the learning curve of that particular platform if it increases greatly. If you have zero knowledge on the subject of building a site anywhere it again magnifies. Are you going to do it yourself or are you going to pay an employee to do it?

I am running a special right now that is $500 for a basic startup four-page site. That breaks down to having someone do it for $10 per hour and 50 hours and if it is your first time the learning curve is going to be far greater to build a site even on a site builder. And even if you buy the domain so you don’t have their name in your free domain you can still always see their branding somewhere. When you have your own hosting account for the site it is all your branding. Everything is customizable and you have root access. This is for a limited amount of contracts so contact me right now.

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  • Cyndi says:

    Is it true that if I want to use my website to built a passive income or do any affiliate marketing that I need my own host. I have heard that some website builders hosting wont let the site owner keep a profit, is this true?

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