Website Design

Our method is the new way of designing websites that responds and alters the look and function of the site to the size of each device it’s being viewed upon. This has the advantages of an app with out making the user download and install the app to their device.

24/7/356 Supported Hosting To shop Hosting, Domains and more. We are backed up by Godaddy which offers amazing customer service 24/7/365. Check out our Hosting page under Website Design or the link at the beginning of the paragraph to find out more.

Professional Photography

Business Photography, Website Photography, Product Photography, Portrait Photography, Pet Photography, Horse Show Photography, Event and many more types of photography are available for your service.

Graphic Design

We offer many graphic design services including Branding, Logo Design, Card Designs, Promotional Designs for web and print including Full and Half page Magazine Ads, Postcard Mailers, Event Flyers, Brochures, Banners, Menus, Table Toppers, and much more.

Design Process


Work agreements and planning

Once the work agreements are signed and the down payment has been received the process will go fast and is very important that you are on board and ready to give feedback and ideas. The planning stage is arguably the most important, because what’s decided and mapped here sets the stage for the entire project. This includes client goals, target audience, detailed feature requests, all photos and text/informative content for their site are required before I start coding the site. This is also the stage that requires client interaction and the accompanying attention to detail. So you will need to make yourself available to me daily, if not multiple times per day. Because I like to work fast. We will agree upon a site map to determine the pages that will get built and the hierarchy of those pages.


Wire frames and mock-up's will be presented for approval, this is where we will decide upon all aspects of the design, this is the easiest time to make changes, not after the design has been coded. This is where the visual layout of the website takes shape along with the functions you want the site to perform. Using information gathered from the client in the planning phase, begin designing the layout using a wireframe. Pencil and paper are surprisingly helpful during this phase but by the end of this designing phase I will provide a mock up for you to see and approve.


Development involves the bulk of the programming work, as well as loading content (whether provided by you, the client or generated by us for an extra fee). We will have to set up hosting or gain access to your current host then determine the domain name if you don't already have one. Good thing is you can purchase these from me also. At the end of the development stage I will show you the actual site and you will have two revisions at that time.


"Unhiding” the website or removing the “Under construction” page will happen at this point. We will make sure the client is satisfied that all contractual obligations laid our prior to the work agreement have been met. We suggest you download and keep safe a copy of your site files because at this point we will receive final payment and the site will be under your control unless we enter another agreement that I do maintenance on the site.